#TBT & World Book Day.

You know I don’t need much excuse to talk books and today is World Book Day!  When The Boys were at primary school they always had to dress up as their favourite book characters and for a long while it was Harry Potter for both of them, although I did have trouble one year with Youngest as he wanted to be “Kipper”!  We managed to make the ears and found a shirt that was sort of the colour of Kipper!!!  His favourite of all the Kipper books was this:

I must have read this book to him a thousand times, it was always the book he chose and sometimes I had to hide it so we would read something else!

His other favourite was “Humphrey’s Bedtime” by Sally Hunter, another book I read all the time to him and I think because Humphrey’s bedroom was the same as his:

The window was exactly the same as Youngest’s!

Eldest loved the “Thomas The Tank Engine” books and we had all the original stories in one big hardback book which again DH and I read constantly to them both.  I read “Winnie The Pooh” to them and as they got older progressed to the Harry Potter stories.  It was the thing I wanted to do the most after Eldest was born was to read stories to him and then Youngest when he arrived.  It was a huge part of the bed time ritual which we all loved.  Both Boys continued to read as they got older and Books were always bought but tailed off a little as exam revision took over and when they had to read books for school.  However they both now read for pleasure.

I think Books are something which keep you company whatever is happening in your life and I can never not imagine having a book to read with me wherever I go.  A very good friend who was a secretary like myself, never reads a book!  She will perhaps glance through a magazine occassionally but she never reads and I just cannot imagine being like that at all. 

Here are two of my favourite Book Quotes!

Yes I don’t need wardrobe space I need book space!!!

So apt for the current situation!

Of course this is what I should have been doing today:

No not quite reading but I have been working so it is a bit the same, so Home jobs will have to get done tomorrow now, hey ho!

As it is #TBT today here are the Boys in 2005 in Hatchards of London book shop picking out the books they would like.  This was Easter so they always had a small chocolate Easter egg but their main gift was book(s).  As you can see on the floor Youngest has picked out some Thomas books (!) Eldest was into Knights and dragons at his age so he is trying to find those sorts of books.  They were nine and five!!!  We have stored all their childhood books in sealed boxes in our attic for when they have little ones of their own.

Our bookcases in our sitting room, looking rather tidy (!)

My “To Read” shelf which has rather more on now since Christmas! 

I hope you have enjoyed our little trip through World Book Day today and hope you get some time to read either today or over the coming weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT & World Book Day.

  1. farmquilter

    Before I met my hubby and moved to the farm, I had a very large house with both a living room and 2 family rooms (one upstairs for the teens and one downstairs for me). I didn’t have enough furniture to dress out the living room/dining room, so I had my dining room furniture in its proper place, my piano and my bookcases filled with books, so the room was my library/dining/music room and I loved it! I do miss that house…2,700 sq. ft. (2,500 sq. m) with a three car garage…sigh. I love to take trips when I can’t leave where I’m at…how does anyone not read?? Cheapest trip I can take, for sure!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We would have loved to have seen the boys dressed up as their favorite book character. How cute would that be. You’re so right – I can’t imagine not having a book to read being stuck at home in this pandemic! Happy World Book Day!

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