The Wednesday Wag.

Well it has been a busy week since I was last here.  I went to the Spa last Friday and here are the results.

Here I am with my fur coat on.And here I am below back from the Spa all washed, clean and smelling so much better according to Mom.

Have you got the angle right Mom?

Here is my right side, it is my best you know!

Here is the top of my head, very fine I think! 

I was quite tired when I got home though and Mom had washed all of my beds etc but she had at least left me my quilt inner to sleep on until everything was dry. 

Also I had another surprise on Friday.  Do you remember that Mom and Dad last year bought me a new bed for their room below.  I only use it at night and when they were moving it the other week the zip came undone and then they could not get it done up again.  Mom was not happy as it was not a cheap bed so complained to the shop where she got it from and set off on a trek for another new bed. 

Well the new one arrived last week and I love it.  It is called a sofa bed and I really do love to lounge on it!!!!!

It is also huge, so much so that Mom & Dad now can’t open their bedroom or dressing room doors propertly, oops!

I love it, so much so that after the hoards had gone out the other morning I came back upstairs and went back to sleep on it whilst Mom got ready!!!  Mom says I am a spoilt doggy but I do not know what she means!!!  

I hope you are having a very Happy Woofy Wednesday.  Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Smashing new bed!!! I can see why you want to sleep on it all the time! Just tell mom and dad to take the doors off their room and their dressing room…do they really need them as much as you need the bed?? I love my bed with two blankets and it is large enough that if I get too warm under the blankets I can stretch out and not hit the sides. Sita (the darned interloper) prefers to sleep on my mom’s feather pillows…good thing for her that we are all sleeping in the family room and those pillows are right THERE! I can’t jump up on the bed because it is too high for my short legs…since she is a little large Chihuahua, her legs are longer so she can make it. Enjoy being a solo dog…you have it good!! Tara

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