I Think It’s Tuesday!

Do you find when it is getting near to a holiday that you lose track of what day it is?  I do!  I did it last week as well, there is no hope for me!!!

Do you also find that when you have a million little jobs to get done something major happens?   Yep I was going to go out early this morning to run some errands and I found that someone (no names, no pack drill) had left my car door slightly open and therefore all the windows on the inside were frozen!  So I got in and started it and waited for the heater to take action.  I then put all the electric windows down one at a time to clear the outside and the rear off side one would not go back up!!!  No way, no how!  I got out and pulled it as I pressed the button and it would not budge.  Waited with the heater going full blast in case that helped, it didn’t!  Called Eldest to see if he had any suggestions, only told me to do what I had already tried!!!!!!!  It is now on the drive with the rear window down waiting for DH to get back!!!! 

Anyway I have some more throwback Christmas pictures for you, as quite a lot of you liked yesterday’s selection.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa Claus.

You know I love books, here is a Book Tree from one of our visits to Chatsworth.  Must try this one day.

I have lots of pictures of Chatsworth Library, I just love this room.  In fact if I lived at Chatsworth this would be the room I would spend most of my days in.

Nottingham Wonderland and the galloping horses.

DH and I at Chatsworth two years ago.

The Christmas Tree, Chatsworth Ante Library.

The Christmas steam trains at Great Central Railway.

The Christmas Tree, The Old Market Square, Nottingham. 

Who could not give in to this adorable face?

Fortunum & Mason Christmas decoarations 2018.

I think I said at the time, these remind me of the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter!

One of the many Fortnum & Mason Christmas Trees.

The pictures below are from the last time we had real snow!  What do I mean by real snow?  The kind that you can actually play in!  Normally it is just a little bit and Treacle barely gets her paws covered but this was 2010 and it snowed for days, especially overnight so was very thick.  Here are the Boys and Treacle having fun.

You can see in the above picture how much snow there had been overnight!

Eldest throwing snowballs at Youngest!

Youngest emptying his hood after the snowball landed!

I hope you are having a good week and the plans for the The Big Day are coming together,  I will get there by Friday I am sure!!!!!

Christmas Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “I Think It’s Tuesday!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    I remind myself at least 3 times a day what day it is! I have always thought that Christmas should always come on a Sunday. I would love to visit Fortunum & Mason. It looks like a truly fabulous place as does the Chatsworth Library. Love the boys and Treacle playing in the many inches of snow. We hope you get a major snowstorm soon, Treacle!

  2. farmquilter

    Hoping you wake up Christmas morning to that much snow!!! To me, no snow doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. I think the last year we had snow on Christmas was 2010 as well…we are due! Love the pictures of Christmas past…that book tree is wonderful!! Enjoy the run up to Christmas…what gets done get done, no one will notice what didn’t quite make it!

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