As we are in Lockdown again not a lot is happening with us!!  I spend most of my days working of course and opening the front door to deliveries for everyone, including Treacle (her food arrrived!).

So as it is now 36 days to go to the Big Day and #TBT,  I thought I would show you some Christmas pictures from 2005!!! Youngest was six and Eldest was ten.

Yougnest helping decorate the Christmas tree.

DH and Eldest on the steam train waiting to see Santa.

Youngest and I on the train.

The two of them with Santa.

I got all of my ironing finished yesterday and tomorrow I have home jobs to do and at the moment, fingers crossed, the weather is still okay for the weekend to get those last few jobs done in the garden.  We also need to get all our winter clothes out and put the summer ones away!  It was distinctly cold this morning when Treacle went out!  My wrist is a little better today and I am trying not to use the support, it is still a little swollen though.  I still want to try and get some other jobs done as well over the weekend, number one being sorting out my quilting!   I will let you know how I get on. 

I am sure the Boys have car things planned for the weekend, they do most weekends, and Treacle will be spending the day going between us all, so will be really tired by the end of it!!!  She uses the week to catch up on the sleep she misses out on at the weekend!

I do hope you lovely lot are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs & Love, Susie xxx

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  1. farmquilter

    I hope the sun shines on your outdoor jobs this weekend and you are able to get done what needs doing, without injuring your wrist further. It does take a long time to heal, so be patient with yourself and let it heal without further injury! Love the pictures of the family during Christmases past. Best years of our lives!

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