The Wednesday Wag.

It’s doing this again today!

So I am doing this!  Mom is working at her desk so it is the perfect place to be!

I will be doing this a little later one, waiting for the Boys to come home!!!

Happy Wet Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle xx

I am really dreaming of this though!  I would love to have some really big snow this year!!!

Well Treacle the way this year has gone, I suspect we will get a really bad Winter!!!! Mom

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Poor Treacle! We actually got some rain last night, which was wonderful because we had a fire about a mile from the house yesterday that ended up burning about 1,200 acres, including numerous expensive homes, with winds up to 60 miles an hour. It was scary seeing the flames and smoke, especially because our power went out and I was depending on a friend in another part of town for news! I hope you get the snow you are dreaming of, Treacle.

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