No not Covid just a cold which DH has shared with me!!!!!!

We did get the garden done yesterday as it was lovely and sunny but very cold, in fact we were de-icing the cars. 

I did get this done on Saturday whilst everyone else was busy doing whatever!!!  It did take me all day!  Just now need to write all the cards and that is then done.  I have a few other jobs that need doing this week which I am planning on getting done in the evenings and perhaps during the day this week, I mean what is Lockdown for?!!!!!!!!

I still have some baking to do which I am also hoping to get done this week and then next weekend we will be getting the house ready before we put the decorations up.  We are hoping to be able to go out after Lockdown has ended and see some of the decorations and for a family meal to be a little more festive hopefully.  We shall have to wait and see if we are allowed.  Also need to get to see some of our family and friends before the big day with gifts and hopefully do some social stuff but again we are waiting to see what is being said!

I am off to get dinner now and I think an early night again and start tomorrow early to get all the jobs done and hopefully my cold will be better!!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I’m so sorry you are sick…doesn’t matter with what because they are all unwelcome!! I need to wrap packages as well, but I am really struggling this year. 2020 is the new swear word!! Get better soon!!!

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