Friends are Good for Your Health.

A 2012 article published in the Public Library of Science said that out of 148 studies on social relationships it was confirmed that strong positive, social relationships increased longevity and general health! That’s great! We all know that having friends helps no end in lots of situations, just a teeny-weeny bit difficult in the current climate when we are all having to stay away from each other!!!! Thank goodness for modern technology where we can all still see each other, even if it is through a computer screen!!!!

We have had our first major issue at swimming with one of them actually having a positive test! The rest of the lane have been told to self-isolate for fourteen days and I am hoping that ALL the paperwork we have done beforehand and on going has helped us get to this point and they will all be fine! The swimmer who has the positive test at present has no symptoms!

By the time you read this, DH and I will hopefully be in London! I did say that I am hiding there so no one can find me and perhaps I would hop a plane to somewhere where there are no people!!! The Galápagos Islands sounds nice at this time of year!!!!! Don’t worry I will be back Monday, or will I??????????? 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    I think the lack of social connections right now is really having a negative affect on so many people. My social this week has been having a neighbor come over to help me turn off the sprinkling system because we are due to have a hard freeze tonight and taking a friend to the hospital for her pre-op check. I dropped off a box of books to another friend but had to leave them on her front porch because she is getting over COVID – just had a cough and exhaustion. I miss seeing people and having someone to talk to other than the dogs. Most young folks don’t seem to have symptoms, so I hope all the swimmers are all right, as well as those adults who were working with them. Hope London is wonderful and you have the best time!

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