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The weeks are flying by and despite trying to be organised I missed this month’s Book Club! Sorry! I have put a picture of Chatsworth House library dressed for Christmas as I think we could all do with a little cheer. In fact I got an email the other day from the bookshop I use which said that they were all dressed for Christmas and to please excuse how early it was but they had the same thoughts!!!! Loved it.

Anyway here is my book choice for October.

I have read quite a few of Alison Weir’s historical novels. She takes the character and then writes the book based upon historical facts but as a story which fleshes out the character as opposed to a book of just facts.

I have always loved this part of history and in particular Henry VIII’s six wives but most is written about his second wife, Anne Boleyn, rather than his first wife Katherine.

This book begins with Katherine’s arrival in England and her marriage to Henry’s brother, Arthur, who unfortunately does not live long past the wedding. As Henry becomes heir apparent he marries his brother’s widow and there begins their twenty four year marriage. Sadly, as was the case in this period of time, despite having six children only her daughter, Mary, survived, which was the cause of her eventual divorce from Henry in his pursuit of a male heir!

There is a lot more to Katherine than the sad figure which history consigned her to in the arrival of Anne and the replacement of Katherine by her. Especially at the end of her life when she sent a note to Henry still declaring her love for him despite everything he had done to her!

I loved this book and if you also enjoy it, then Alison has also written about all of Henry’s wives, the books below.

DH and I are off to London for the weekend today, the Boys are both at home looking after little Treacle for us. I will have pictures to show you next week. Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I do love to read about that time in England’s history as well! Thanks for the heads up. Have a wonderful time in London!!

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