Weekend Travels.

DH and I had a lovely weekend away from it all in London. This was the trip which was cancelled from July when we should have been going to the Hampton Court flower show which they decided might happen in September but then cancelled it to next year (as with everything in this weird year!). As we had already paid for the hotel etc they said we could move it to whenever we liked and so we moved it to this weekend. We decided to drive down, as we normally go by train, but I did not fancy sitting on the train for almost three hours with a face mask on. In fact we actually got to London quicker than that as the traffic was light. London was not really that busy at all.

We got a slow start to Friday because of trying to tie up loose ends with the Swimming issues and DH had some work to finish so we did not get down to London until the afternoon but we got checked in and got ready to go out for the evening.

We were going to the Duchess Theatre on Friday evening to see the play “The Play That Goes Wrong”. Well it did go wrong, because of all the new cases of Covid they decided they could not open and have now pushed it back to end of November possibly! We had already booked dinner at Gilray’s Steakhouse & Bar for 5.00pm but decided not to change the booking, especially as all the restaurants now have to close by 10.00pm!

Here are some pictures of our Friday Evening:

We got back to our hotel by 8.00pm unpacked, had a cup of tea and that was it!!! We were exhausted after the last several weeks!!! Party animals we were not! I will show you tomorrow our Saturday which was very busy!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend whatever you were up to and have a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Lovely to have a delicious dinner you didn’t have to prepare!! The London Eye would be so different at night!! We did that when we were in London, but during the day since it was the first time we had been there…amazing views! Glad you got home safely and the traffic wasn’t crazy!

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