Goodness me it is Thursday already!  Another week almost done and I am racing to catch up with everything again!  No matter how organised I start out the week, I seem to get bogged down by the end of it! 

Anyway, enough of the moaning!  I saw this picture the other day when I was searching for something else!

This was 2001, our old home, Eldest was six and Youngest was 2!  The Race Car walker was originally Eldest’s and he kindly let Youngest use it. They could ride it and push it along with their feet or hold on to the back where Eldest is and walk with it!  It was a great hit with both of them.   Of course when Youngest was riding and Eldest was pushing you can imagine the chaos!

My good friend Susan said she had not realised, only having girls herself, how much boys injured themselves, especially after Youngest’s troubles this week.  Little does she know of the amount of times we have ended up in A&E with one or both of them as they have managed to hurt themselves somehow!!!!  However she did say she is learning as her Grandson has got into a few scrapes!  DH and I had their schools phone number permanently in our phones, as we were always get called about some injury they had managed to do!!!

It is swimming again tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday morning (!) but then we have three days off.  The weather looks to be okay, even though it is cooler, to finish those jobs in the garden.  I got the outside umbrella put away after the nice warm days, which was a good job as it has been raining since!!!!  It really is getting to feel like Autumn here now!!!

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Thursday, Friday tomorrow, Yeah!!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Also found this!  This is Youngest when he was 13!  Swimming injury!!!!!!!!!

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  1. farmquilter

    Time is flying by and I don’t seem to get anything done…definitely frustrating but I still haven’t recovered my energy from my surgery a month ago. I guess I need to be patient with myself, but you know how it is!! Love the picture of the boys when they were so small!! The toes!!! Ouch!! I remember wearing the skin off the bottom of my toes from playing in the pool…the texture that helps keep you from slipping would shred skin!

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