Tuesday Already?

At the moment no matter how organised I try to be I seem to get to the end of the week and it is all chaos!  Despite me writing lists and getting things done by the time Friday comes I still seem to have a huge list to get through and lots of jobs still to do!

The weekend was busy trying to catch up and the weather wasn’t too bad and we did get a few jobs done outside.  The weather here is definitely turning and twice we have put the heating on as it has been really cold in the evenings. 

Bit of a blurry picture but as you can see the leaves of the trees are starting to fall!

This week would have been Goose Fair, had it not been cancelled because of the Covid situation.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy from our previous trips. 

A view of the fair from the top of the Big Wheel.

The Galloping Horses, an old favourite but always busy.

One of two big wheels a the fair.

It is one of our favourite visits, so much missed this year and it was the first date DH and I went on, 34 years ago this week!!!!!  So where have 34 years gone????????????????  Autumn will not be the same without these events!

There is a lot in the media at the moment of how Christmas is going to be this year because of the various restrictions and the fact that it can change from week to week.  We will be at home but a lot more low key than previous years. My Countdown on my blog has now moved from months into days, 87 to be precise, oh my!

We do have some current restrictions and I am falling back on my motto of when we were just coming out of lockdown “if you don’t have to do it, then don’t”!!!!  We are trying to see some friends, it would be just the four of us, for dinner and we have postponed it for a few weeks and will probably then meet at one of our homes rather than go out.  All of us are working at the moment which is important but going out isn’t.

I am determined to be more organised this week, she says!!  Swimming is still continuing at the moment and that is taking up a lot of time.  I was hoping that once it was up and running then things would calm down a bit but that does not appear to be the case and each week brings it’s own challenges!!  I have also broken a tooth which I am getting fixed tomorrow!  Never rains but it pours!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a thrilling Tuesday!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Already?

  1. farmquilter

    A broken tooth is definitely not a good thing – glad you are able to get in and get it taken care of quickly!! Time flies and the older we get, the faster it goes. A few leaves are changing here but we are supposed to be at 90 this week!! I know I’m wearing a jumper when I take the girls out in the mornings and evenings…I don’t like 50 degree weather with just a t-shirt on! Have a wonderful week…I’m having cataract surgery tomorrow morning so I’m hoping that goes well!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Our Durham Fair would have been this past weekend but it was cancelled for the same reason. We have had above average temps lately and tonight it will pour down rain and we need it as we are in a drought situation. Good luck with your tooth!

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