Where Are the Days Going?!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging but the days are just all merging into one and no sooner have I gone to bed, the alarm is going off and it is time to get up!  DH and I went to Barrow in Furness twice last week and the whole day is gone and I have been trying to catch up ever since!

We have been having some lovely warm weather the last two weeks but it dropped very cool in the evenings, however it has now changed to much more like Autumn and it is raining today!!!

The Wednesday Wag!

This is what happens when both Boys are at home!  You are sitting waiting for your dinner and the Eldest Muppet puts his cap on your head, I mean really!  Then Youngest Muppet is taking pictures!

It’s amazing what you will do to get your dinner!

I think it suits me further back on my head, don’t you?

As the weather was wonderful at the weekend Mom and Dad were in the garden and the Boys were helping too.

They were busy trimming some of the trees in the garden and whilst they were not looking I pinched a branch to have a chew on it!

I just need to get hold of the end of it!

It is not behaving so I had to put my paw on it!

This is when Mom shouted at me as I am not supposed to be chewing sticks as I hurt my mouth the last time!  She then came and picked it up and spoilt all my fun!


You might have gathered if you read my Blog regularly that the Boys can injure themselves without too much difficulty.  I got a call yesterday to say Youngest was on his way to hospital because of this :

That is a pick tool and he was using it and it slipped and he stopped it with his hand!!!!!

From the X-ray you can see how far it went through and fortunately missed everything and surprisingly there was not a lot of blood and no stitches needed!  He is fine today and gone off to work to see what other damage he can do!

My Boys are both a pair of Muppets!!!!!!!!

Stay safe

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Where Are the Days Going?!!!!

  1. farmquilter

    So glad to hear that Youngest just got a clean-out and plaster for his hand!! I’m learning that boys have so many more “accidents” than girls (at least mine)! Daughters 2 & 3 both broke their wrists, but none of them needed stitches while I was responsible for their bills! Grandson #1 has already had stitches twice and he’s only 3! I agree with the passage of the weeks – they just flit by! Next Wednesday I’ll be having my first cataract surgery – figured I could recover from all surgeries at the same time.

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We gasped when we saw the tool in Youngest’s hand. OUCH! We’re so relieved that it’s not as bad as it looks! You look so adorable in your hat – no matter where it sits on your head. We are in a drought here – 11 inches where we should be. We need the rain.

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