Does Anyone Know What is Happening?

No one seems to know what on earth we are all supposed to be doing and if we are going back to work and shops are opening and how it is going to work!!!  I had a call from our Dentist today, as I should have had my six month checkup on Friday, and they are being told that as they have six dentists in the practice they can only have two dentists in at one time, one upstairs and one downstairs so trying to fit all the patients in is getting to be a nightmare, so they have moved mine and the Boys appointments to September.  DH is supposed to go in July and they are leaving that at the moment.

They are still saying that certain places will not be opening, one of them being hairdressers and that is getting to be a problem!!!  I trimmed DH’s hair at the back at the weekend, Eldest is just wearing a baseball cap all the time now and Youngest’s Girlfriend is going to trim his hair with Simon’s (the Horse) his clippers later today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mine is starting to look like the above picture!!!  And don’t get me started on the colour!!!!  Even if we are able to go out to the stores you can guarantee you will meet the one person you don’t want to meet when you hair is looking like this!!!!  I think I will be borrowing one of the Boys baseball caps, so with that, my face mask and my glasses perhaps on one will know who I am!!!!!  We will all be like the film stars now when we go out!!!!!

The Boys companies have got a plan of how to get back to work, but are not sure if it is going to work so it will definitely be trial and error!!!  DH and I are still working as far as we can and keeping things ticking over!!!!


Anyway as part of my list making and organising this week,  I can show you some quilty things!!!  I know, I know don’t faint!  A Quilting Blog with some quilting on it!!!!!!


This is a King size bed quilt which I need to sew the last row onto, put the borders on and then it can be sandwiched and quilted.  It is going to be a challenge to quilt it on my machine so I may hang fire on that at the moment.  It is not needed just now.


You will have seen these already on my blog and I made this one but never got it binded.


I made four more and they just need quilting and binding. 


The above was Kathleen Tracy’s (A Sentimental Quilter) sew along last year (!)  I did finish all the blocks and got the top sewn together last August and then it did not get sandwiched and finished, so that is what needs doing.  I chose the woodland Autumn fabric for the back as there is a lot of white on the front. 


Above was a kit I bought at the Festival of Quilts a few years ago and I had not gotten around to making it up.  Again I did this last August and just not sandwiched and quilted it so that is the next job. 


I bought the above material as another kit at The Festival of Quilts, as I loved the mutued pinks.  I just need to find the right pattern.


Which I did from the Moda Bake Shop.  I love Pinwheels so thought this would be good to make up with the pinks. 

DH’s Cousin has sent me some of her son’s clothes as she would like a Memory Quilt made from them.  I cannot start this at the moment as I need some backing and I really want to get the above projects done before I start on that.  She is not in a hurry for them and she has just had her second, a little girl, so she will be sending me her clothes as she grows out of them to make a memory quilt for her too.  I asked my very good friend, FarmQuilter, for advice as I have never made one of these before and she came through for me with lots of advice on how to make one, so thank you so much.

I will show you how I get on as we go!!!!



I have had some more new Followers joining me on this blogging journey, so you are very Welcome and thank you for Following and I hope you find some fun, friendship and info here.

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Tuesday and stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

5 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know What is Happening?

  1. farmquilter

    I don’t think anyone knows what they are doing with opening businesses back up. It will be trial and error! There have been some nightmares with people’s behaviors at restaurants, either crowding or yelling at the workers because they have a zillion customers and the line is too slow. People have forgotten how to behave in a manner that is not selfish after just 7 weeks of staying home! Love the quilty stuff!! Looking forward to seeing them finished!

  2. Tami Von Zalez

    It is crazy here in Northern California. I live in a rural county that lists 8 people sick for the past two months on the charts and there are 40,000 people in the county. Big box retailers are open, even a Joann’s (fabric shop), but the little businesses? They are being strangled out.
    No thrift or clothing reseller shops are open, my main form of entertainment. I have no problem wearing a face mask and keeping a distance, they need to open up this county. There are 3 rural counties right now defying the Governor’s order.

  3. Molly the Airedale

    I love the Christmas pressie block and I just adore the one that you sent me♥ My appointments keep getting cancelled too. I can’t imagine how the doctor’s offices will ever catch up!

  4. Nina

    We live in a county that was not hit hard with the virus. People here were doing virtual shopping and phone shopping with some of our small retail shops and boutiques. I ordered stuff for our grandkids from a small toy store in our county. People rallied around our Mom and Pop restaurants by doing curbside orders. We are now slowing opening for business.

  5. Nancy

    I keep thinking about when it’s time to go out again, too. I love your suggestion of sunglasses, a baseball cap, and the (required) mask. That sounds like a great plan!
    Do you know that sweet little donkey/burro in the photo? He looks wet and sad and I would love to give him a comb.

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