Happy Mother’s Day

To All My Followers in USA/Canada/Australia/New Zeland

I know it was yesterday but the weekend sort of passed in a blur of non-activity!!!!  I hope you all had a lovely day even in this weird reality!!  Our Mother’s Day is in March and I really do think we should move it to May when the weather is better!!!


Saturday was lovely and warm so we got some gardening done and DH and Eldest did some work in the garage. Sunday there was a ten degree drop in temperature and it was very windy and lots of rain!!!!  Here are some pictures of the garden.


The above picture we said looked like it could have been in the Mediterranean, in fact I think it was as warm as the Med on Saturday!!!


Treacle busy helping DH and Eldest with the gardening!!  Or should I say trying to bite the rake when DH was using it!!!


We cleared this area after trimming some of the bushes which had over grown as we did not trim them for a couple of years!!!


DH and Eldest had also sorted out some of the spare wood we had left after a few jobs and someone pinched a piece!!!!!


Girlfriend’s Pugs, Ralphy & Dotty,  were just chilling on Saturday in their pool!!!!!!!


I think I actually hit the wall yesterday.  Having got lots done over the previous seven weeks and all the jobs on my list done it was sort of “what do I do now?” so instead of getting on with several other things I could have done, I watched Netflix!!!!!! 


I like Netflix as I can watch different series, especially when I am ironing.  I have just started watching “Suits”, not because the Duchess of Sussex is in it, but I had been told it was a good series and had missed it when it was on before.  It is good and I like the characters so it is keeping me entertained.  As well as they fact that I was a Legal Secretary for ten years may have something to do with it.  If you have seen the show then you will know that Donna is Harvey’s Secretary and I can tell you that the real legal secretary’s job is very like it is on the show!!!!!!


Our Prime Minister spoke to the Nation last night about how we are going to move from Lockdown to getting back to the new normal but really no news.  The main thing is to avoid a second spike and to go back into Lockdown so it will really be trial and error as we go.  We think our Boys will be going back to work soon and their companies have put plans into place but again it will be a trial and error basis.  I think I will just stay put, as before the Lockdown if you don’t have to do it, then don’t!!!!  We shall see.


I am writing some lists for this week to avoid what happened at the weekend and get me back on track.  DH asked what the next jobs were at home and that is painting rooms!!!!  Once we can get paint of course.  We need to do our hall, stairs and landing, dining room and sitting room inside.  Outside we have our shed and den to wood stain and also do the outside furniture and our front and back doors also need doing.  I am sure if it continues to be the same for the next few months we can get it done!!!

I hope everyone is doing okay and as we move from safety to the unknown please stay safe.  Have a good week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Your garden is so beautiful!! Love your flowers! We’ve had temps come in at 85 an it was lovely!! This week we are in for colder temps by 20 degrees and I’m not looking forward to it. Keep up the good work at getting all your jobs finished before you lose the boys!! The pugs are adorable floating in their pool and Treacle is definitely enjoying having her family in the garden with her!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your Rhodies are in bloom☺ Your garden looks so beautiful, as aways!
    I used to snitch wood when it was available too, Treacle! We will have to check out Suits. Ralphy & Dotty look so cute in their pool.

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