The Wednesday Wag.


Mom got up early to make Dad’s sandwiches so I had been out, fed and I just had to go back to bed this morning, I was so, so tired!!!


When I did wake up I went upstairs to wait for Eldest to get up, I was barking to try and wake him up which is why the above picture is blurry!!!!


I decided to be quiet so Mom managed to get a picture!!!


I then went back to bed, when Mom was downstairs working!!!! 

It has been cool the last few days but I don’t mind being outside at the moment as I have my thick, woolly coat on!!!  Mom has rung my Spa ladies but they are not working at the moment but they have put me on the list for when they get back.  However if it goes on much longer Mom says she may have to buy some clippers.  We are all in the same boat at the moment!!!!!

Youngest and Girlfriend came yesterday to pick up some things so we were all outside at the front on our driveway, being careful to social distance.  I was on my lead but I got to see them and then I was very carefully watching to make sure there were no cats around.  I think they were all in doors social distancing!!!

I hope your week is going well and you are all staying safe. 

Woofy Wags, Treacle xx

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  1. Molly the Airedale

    That is one of my favorite positions to be in, Treacle (without the basket, of course). It’s sooooooo comfy! We were outside getting the mail not long ago and mom’s friend, Miss Laurie, was walking by so the girls got to chit-chat social distancing. I was rolling around on the grass the whole time☺

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