Seventy one year’s ago my parents got married!  Here they are outside of the Parish Church after the wedding.  Dad was 24 and Mom was 19.  Eldest is the same age as my Dad now and yet my Dad looks so much older, a result of being in the RAF during the Second World War I think.  Looking at this picture now of 1949 and our current situation it seems so much like a link between the years.  My Grandmother, who taught me to cook, bake and sew, saved up their ration coupons so she was able to make their two tier wedding cake.  My mother’s wedding dress was also made by my Grandmother and again they had to save their coupons for the material for that.

DH and I cleared out our attic last year and we had some old family photographs which were still in their frames, although damaged.  One was of this picture and as we took the picture out my Grandmother had placed it on top of another picture of my Mom as a Bridesmaid for her best friend!!!  We would have never seen it had we not taken the frame apart!!!!

Great #TBT picture!!!!!



I went grocery shopping this morning and despite the claims of the supermarket chief executive that supply lines are not a problem and there is plenty to go around, the shelves were empty!!!  No fresh meat, no cereal, no orange juice, no crisps and no tinned goods of anything!!!!!  Do you remember in the Harry Potter Film “The Order of the Phoenix” Umbridge’s special pen?  “I shall not tell lies” Mr Chief Executive!!!!!!!!

Our schools in the UK are closing tomorrow two weeks before the normal Easter break to try and protect the children.  They have, in the newspaper I do read, been asking for tips on how to work from home and look after your children at the same time.  Now I am an expert on that having worked in our business from home since both our Boys were born!!!!!!  In fact I don’t think we would have been able to have children had we not worked from home as we have no family whatsoever to help out with child care!!!!

When the Boys were tiny and primary school age, I used to find I would get up really early and work before they were up.  Once they were up I would deal with them food wise and then we would play and do things and then, when they still had sleeps in the afternoon, do more work, then  when they woke up let them play on their own for a bit whilst I kept one eye on them and one eye on my work.  I would then also work in the evening when they went to bed. 

Obviously as they got older it changed and as they needed less input from me, it was just keeping an eye on them.  At least we are going into the better weather months hopefully and if people are lucky enough to have gardens the children can be out there.  Someone did comment that we will all have immaculate gardens this year as we have all this time on our own and being outside of course lifts the spirits and is good for your health!!!!!



My other thought on the current situation was; has anyone seen a big blue giant of a man with a metal glove and five shiny stones in it recently???????  I mean we have had all the fires in Australia, the floods here in the UK, the locusts in Africa and now this virus!  Either a big blue giant or the Four Horsemen!!!!!  



I have had a few new Followers join me on this blogging journey and I just wanted to say Welcome and Thank You for Following and I do hope that you find some fun, some facts, some quilting (eventually!) and some Friendship here at my Blog. 



I am off now to get home jobs done!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


Finally wanted to say that in the midst of this situation things happen which we all have to face at various times and we need to spare a thought for all those going through a terrible time as well as trying to cope with this difficult situation. 

A very good friend of mine her father has just passed, not because of the virus and is having to deal with that as well as the restrictions to do with Covid-19. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and all that are having to cope with the same situation amidst this terrible time.

Take care and stay safe all.  xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. Molly the Airedale

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad, Susie. What a beautiful photo. My mother-in-law used to stack photos in a frame too and we found many lovely surprises and now I do the same thing. I was grocery shopping on Tuesday morning at 7:30am. I had no problem getting everything on my list but I wasn’t looking for tp or paper towels. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families that have lost loved ones in these very trying times.

  2. farmquilter

    Beautiful picture of your parents. Generations who didn’t live through WWII really don’t understand what read hardship is…we are spoiled! My dad would pray before each meal and he would always mention how grateful he was for the variety and quality of the food we have available. Now all these spoiled people need to cook for themselves and figure out how to cook without the variety we are used to. I suppose it is quite nice that I’m not hungry at all right now. Thank you for mentioning me and dad. He almost made 99!

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