Spring? Brr!!!!


The Spring Equinox is when the day and night are almost equal.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere it is today and occurred at 3.49am GMT!!!!!  Here it is very sunny and bright but with a very cold wind!!!!!  We are due to have some frosts next week and I am hoping that will help with the current situation and kill of this dreadful virus!!!  We have not had many frosts this Winter and my Grandmother always used to say some good heavy frosts will kill off all the bugs!!!!!  Oh by the way the Spring Equinox information came off my day to day Snoopy calendar!!!!!!


No it’s not snowed since the start of this post!!!!  I wanted to show you the front of our home.  When we first moved in nineteen years ago we widened the drive to fit DH and my cars on the drive side by side, but we kept a corner of the garden (on the right of the picture)  as I think it looks better.  However we now have for a portion of the week five cars to try and park which means we have had to take the rest of the garden away.  I really didn’t want to but needs must………..

First job was to get all the plants out and moved those to the back garden.  One benefit of the current situation we find ourselves in, there is time to get on with these jobs!!!!!

It is also good when you have Eldest who is now fit and fine since his shoulder problems and has been told that he can no longer go for physio or occupational therapy because of the situation, who is just waiting for his work to get it rubber stamped for him to go back to work, and he is fed up so he is loving digging out!!!


The skip almost full!


We are leaving the plants at the top but will be taking the soil out down the side of our neighbours wall and will have a wall put around the plants and against our home to support the side.


Eldest busy digging down and we will move the stones into the back as well.


DH will be home later this afternoon to help out!!!!

When this is done we will get the drive tarmacked and it will mean that we will be able to store our three bins at the side and get three cars side by side and then DH and Eldest’s car at the front and we will then not have to worry about DH parking elsewhere on our road!!!!  Of course by the time we have done this no doubt Eldest will then be moving out into his own home!!!!  However it will be better when we get visitors as well.  When it is all done I will aim to get some more plants in there somehow!!!!

We are going to go to the garden centre tomorrow to get some compost for my veg planter and my pots and some other bits and bobs so that we can get on with the garden!!!!


Gardener’s World on BBC2 is back tonight.  Monty Don who is the host and his dogs Nigel and Nelly tell us each week what we should be doing in the garden and shows you how to do various projects.  So even if it is raining you get to see some gardens.  They are hoping to keep going as long as possible with the program as it is filmed weekly but it all depends upon how the situation progresses!!! 


The Chelsea Flower Show, which we went to for the first time last year, is cancelled at the beginning of May and our Carnival which is at the beginning of July has been cancelled too!  DH and I are due to got to the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July this year and at the moment they have not cancelled it but again it will all depend upon how things go in the next few weeks/months!


This week has been quite surreal.  We are seeing things which at least two if not three Generations have never seen or experienced and I think everyone is feeling a little at sea to say the least.  I also think that we are all keen to make sure that we do as the Government are telling us to try and stop this thing in its tracks but what we must do is still do the same two weeks, two months or more down the line and not get complacent.  We must not think “well it is not affecting me so I will go out to the pub or the local restaurant”  We must try and stop it as soon as possible and if that means we are not able to do what we want, when we want then that is the price we pay for staying safe!!!! 

I have seen a news report of where young people are ignoring the advice and going out to the pub as normal every evening!  I am sure as with most youngsters they think they are invincible but it will not stop the spread!!!! 

As we go into the first weekend of this new norm stay safe and stay busy, Idle Hands and all that!!! 

We hope you have a good weekend and keep smiling.

Hugs & Love Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Spring? Brr!!!!

  1. Molly the Airedale

    That’s a lot of work moving the garden and all of the plants and dirt but it will be worth it in the end. Bummer that your flower show and carnival got cancelled. The same thing is happening here but there isn’t much we can do but follow the rules and the rules seem to change from day to day as more people get sick and die. It’s so sad.
    Happy Spring☺

  2. farmquilter

    Wow, you will have a lovely driveway when this is finished…probably just in time for eldest to scoot!! So glad the guys are around to help you because that is one difficult task!! Funny, over here we park our cars in a driveway and on the east coast they drive on a parkway!! Out west we call them freeways and you call the motorways. You have slip roads that get you on and off the motorway and we have on and off ramps. You can tell I’ve been watching videos of accidents in the UK!!! Your roundabouts are scary places!!! We don’t have quite so many here so people are clueless as to how they are used.

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