The Wednesday Wag.


We have had one of those days and I am really confused as Daddy and Eldest are at home as well as Mom!!!  Only Youngest has gone out to work!!!  What is happening?  I hear a lot of things about some sort of thing which might be caught and that people are staying at home but that is okay as I love it when everyone is in!!!!

Also Daddy and Eldest have been doing a lot of work at the front of our home pulling out all of Mom’s plants!!!  I don’t know what is going off.


Mom has ensured I have enough food just in case deliveries can’t happen and I have seen an extra box of Bonios in my cupboard so we should be alright if we are all at home.  I am very willing to share my bonios with my Hoomans!!!!


I am quite happy at the moment especially with everyone at home.  I hope all you doggies are keeping you and your hoomans safe and healthy.

Woof, Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    Sweet Treacle!! How wonderful that you are willing to share your treats! Enjoy having everyone home!!

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