Sorry for the radio silence and no I was not busy with Christmas things.  Eldest called me from work yesterday morning “I am on the way to hospital my shoulder has dislocated again”, me “okay I am on my way”!!!!!!!  This is the third time this shoulder has come out!  Anyway I finally found him in A&E already being looked at and fortunately by a shoulder surgeon who put the shoulder back in after some drugs to try and relax Eldest!!!  We have then had to go back to the hospital today for a further update and he now has to have an MRI on it to see if the surgeon can actually do anything to stop this happening again!!!  He is signed off work for four weeks!!! 

We think he is getting used to being at the hospital having had his appendix out at the beginning of October, I mean I will just take him to have a look round if he really wants to, he doesn’t have to injure himself to do it!!!  Oh and the best bit of how his shoulder came out?  He sneezed!!!  Yep that’s right he sneezed!!!  Boys!!!!

I am still doing okay with getting jobs done for Christmas although yesterday and today have sort of thrown a spanner in the works but I am determined not to be stressed about it, honest!!!!!

I also missed Book Club Friday last week but I am hoping to do that tomorrow after Treacle’s Wednesday Wag, she has a tale to tell as well!!!!

Happy Uninjured Tuesday everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Boys!

  1. farmquilter

    Hubby #1 popped his shoulder out (put the ball on his shoulder blade) when he landed wrong jumping out of a plane. It got so bad that he would roll over in bed and it would pop out. Then he had really extensive surgery on it (thankfully he was jumping out of a plane on Marine Corps time, so they covered all medical and paid him for the 6 months he was off work). It appears to have done the trick – I’ve never heard of him having problems with it. I’ve had 2 surgeries on each shoulder, but never had my shoulder come out of the socket!! Poor Eldest (and poor mum!!). I hope they will get him to surgery without too much delay. That is really painful, but I’m glad the doctor was able to get it back into place without having to do surgery immediately! Off work for 4 weeks…not exactly the Christmas present he was hoping for!! No more sneezing…obviously it is too violent an activity for him!!

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