Thursday Already?

The weeks seem to be flying by quicker than ever, or that I am trying to fit so much more into each day as well as all the normal things as well!!!!! 🙂

We finally got our Home decorated for Christmas on Sunday last, a week later than normal.  I always love decorating for Christmas and not a lot changes year on year, just the odd tweak here and there but here are some pictures.


Our tree, which smells wonderful.  I will try and get some pictures in the evening when you can see the lights.


Molly’s Mom sent me a wonderful Christmas gift last year, some of her wonderful Mom’s hand painted ornaments for our tree.  These pictures are of them.


Sorry they are a little blury I forgot to take them before they went on the tree and it is a little difficult to get them where they are hanging!!!


Snoopy, my favourite.


The other side of our sitting room, the bookcases with the lights on the top.  We did this last year and it really lifted the room. 


Our sitting room with the tree.


Our dining room, more lights!!!


The stair lights. 


I have seen a few of these on Pinterest, a Hot Chocolate Station.  Our lot love hot chocolate so I thought it was a great idea.


One half of my Kitchen, lights!!!


Our Den where Treacle and I spend our days working!!!


My kitchen pine dresser.


The breakfast bar with my perpetual calendar and Scottish plate which is where mail for DH and the Boys goes and anything else!!!


I will give you three guesses what the weather is doing today, with this picture of Treacle?  I bet you got it right – raining yet again!!!!  It is now midday as I write this and it is so dark all the lights are on!!!  I really hate rain especially after this year!


I have!  Goodness knows what the results will be but I hope that the people I voted for get in, because if not and the other party get in we, as a small business, will be paying a lot more tax than we do now!  End of political view!!!!

Tuesday I had coffee and breakfast with my very good friend Jayne which was a lovely couple of hours out of all the hectic!  DH and I finished the last of the Christmas shopping last night present wise and only have the food to sort now for the Big Day and it is all done, although I am getting to the point of if we haven’t got it then they will go without!!!!  I have ordered all the meat we require, sorted out the veg to go with it and have ordered the food required for the days we are at home, so just need to collect it all. 

Once I have done this I do not set foot in a shop until at least after New Year.  I think the people that go shopping on Boxing Day and every day after that are mad!!!  I remember when I was a little girl the shops closed at 3.00pm on Christmas Eve and did not open again until at least December 28th and it was so much better.  As a family between Christmas and New Year we go on long walks and, if there is anything on, go to the Cinema, play board games in the evening or, of course, read.  Shopping is the furthest thing from my mind!!!!

I have worked all morning and this afternoon it is Home jobs.  DH is out tonight doing a disco for a friend who has been let down by their disco at the last minute (!) so I will be doing the ironing whilst watching films and tomorrow I have lots of errands to run and in the evening we are having dinner out with friends who we won’t be seeing over Christmas.  I do so love this time of year!!!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


#TBT to 2010 and the last Big Snow we had!  Eldest was Fifteen and Youngest was Eleven.  You can just see Treacle hiding behind the tree!!!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Already?

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your tree is so pretty, Susie, and mom would be proud to know to know that you hung them all!
    There can never be too many lights! I need to figure out how to get more of them in my kitchen!

  2. farmquilter

    I’ve hung lights on the outside of the house…and that’s probably all I’ll be doing. It is difficult to get all excited about doing a bunch of decorating in the house when I know I am the only one who will be doing all the work. Dad and I will be alone this Christmas, so it will be very quiet. I do enjoy seeing your house all festive for the season! Crossing my fingers that you have a white Christmas and the dumb rain will quit!!!

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