The Wednesday Wag.


At the weekend Youngest and Girlfriend took me and Girlfriend’s dogs, Pugs Dotty & Ralphy, out for a long walk.  Here we are wallking to lead.  It was a lovely day although we had had a lot of rain the night before, so when we got back I was rather muddy.  Youngest and Girlfriend had to then go out so it was left to Mom and Eldest to bath me!!!! 

Eldest got me into the Bath (this was before he put his shoulder out of course!) and Mom got the shower ready, unfortunately she dropped it and it spun around wetting everyone and the bathroom, Eldest jumped back and then I made my escape from the bath!!!  Unfortunately the door was shut so I got no further and was put back into the bath!!!  I gave up then and stood still whilst I was washed.  Eldest dried me with my towel and then Mom blow dried me with her hairdryer!!! It was a very busy day and afterwards I spent the afternoon in my basket asleep, I was exhausted!!



A week today Santa Paws will be visiting and hopefully bringing me some presents.  I can’t wait as I love opening presents and being with the Boys, Mom and Dad!!!  I hope all your plans are going well.

Merry Woofmas!

Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    You are lucky you are big enough to escape from the tub. Mom bathes me in the kitchen sink, so even if I could get out of the sink, there is no way I could jump down from the counter without getting hurt. I also hate my bath because I get cold. I know mom will be giving me a bath soon because I don’t smell good right now. It is so cold here that she is trying to wait for a warm up…maybe spring??

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