It’s Friday so an Extra Book Day!

Whilst we were away DH did get some customer visits in (!) one of which was to Edinburgh!  Normally I will just tag along and sit outside the customers in the truck and read, however I discovered that whilst the Edinburgh Festival is in full swing there is also the Edinburgh International Book Festival!  Well I just had to go!


I got there for when it opened but there was already a queue (we love to queue in Britain!!!) However it was still quite empty so I managed to get a look round the large bookshop and get some books.  Then I got a drink and sat down to read!!!


The centre of the Book Festival in George Street.


The Book Shop and lots of tables to sit at and read.


All set for a few hours of reading, yeah!!!!


I didn’t just read and buy books I did attend two talks, one business based (so I was really doing some work!!!!) which was very interesting about the current business  climate.  The second talk was about the sun and how much good it actually does us.  The speaker had done studies on those countries that don’t get a lot of sun and the effect on people’s health. 


All along the road were these HUGE books where you could sit for a while and at night they lit up!

I also got lunch and read some more!!!!!  Then it wasn’t long before DH was due back to collect me.  The great thing was that the Festival was open until 11.00pm so I didn’t have to leave until DH got there.


The other Bookshop on the road which was all Scottish Authors.


Edinburgh Castle from George Street in the evening.

It was a great day and I have bought some more books to stock up for winter when it is dark and raining outside!!!!  I actually got through three books whilst I was away and have now started a new one, which will appear in my Monthly Friday Book Club and also on my Books I Have Read this year!

It is a long weekend for us here in the UK this weekend, DH and I have a few jobs to get done and the weather, at the moment, is due to be sunny and warm!!!  So the garden beckons and a few jobs at home.  Oh and an eye test for both of us!!!!!!!

Whatever you are up to this weekend I hope you have a lovely time. 

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    What an amazing coincidence that you were there for the Book Festival!! Simply perfect! So glad you had a much better day of it than just sitting in the truck and reading whist you waited.

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