Our Vacation.

So Friday morning we decided to get up early get a few bits of work finished and then pack, as we were going to travel up to Edinburgh that evening after Youngest go back from his second week away at Head Office training.  It was a nice day so the back door was open for Treacle to run in and out as always.  DH went to make a drink and fussed her as he went past and then saw blood on her legs!  When we examined her we found that she had managed to cut her eye lid, probably on a bush which she loves to run in and out of!!!!

So off to the vets we went for an emergency appointment DH holding Treacle and me trying to stem the flow!!!!  The vet thought that it would be fine as it was not a deep cut but had to stop the bleeding so we waited in a side room for an hour and she said it was okay but she would have to wear the dreaded cone to stop her opening it up again!!!! So three hours later we got home. 


We then had a business appointment to go to and then had to go over to Nottingham so we did not get back until about 4.00pm! We still had to pack (!) so we didn’t finally leave until about 6.00pm!  Therefore we didn’t get to the hotel in Edinburgh until 2.00am, having stopped for food (McDonalds!!!!) on the way!!!  We fell into bed with the Do Not Disturb sign on the door!!!!!


This was the view from our window at the Hotel which was north of the new road Bridge in Edinburgh. 


We were not far from the Naval yard where the new HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier  is being fitted out.  She is due to launch next year


Our good friend, Susan, mentioned Glamis Castle to us (where the Queen Mother was born) which is not far from Edinburgh and it just so happend that on the Saturday they were holding the first ever Horse Trials and Country Show, so we decided to go.


The riders competing in the jump competition.  We had missed the dressage section for that day and some of them were going on to the cross country.


Waiting to enter the ring.


Warming Up.


Glamis through the trees.


The Castle itself and so many turrets.


The clock above the main door.



A very small door for a very big castle.


The side of the castle where the entrance for the tour was.


I just loved the turrets.

It was a guided tour around the open rooms, some of which were the ones the Queen Mother used when she visited.  My favourite was the dining room.  The rooms were not huge but it certainly made it feel like a family home rather than just a show piece.  The family still live them and so it is very much a living, breathing space.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside.

Charleston with Truck

We then continued North to the cottage, via the supermarket to get food (!) and arrived at 7.00pm!! It was great to finally be away and all the peace and quiet!!!




The next morning we woke to find the cows had come to visit.


These two were particularly cute and obviously twins!!!

Today is catch up on home jobs, got the ironing all done (!), and tonight we are out for Eldest’s Birthday Dinner!! 


Not changed much!!!!!! Ha

Xander and Cake 2

We love him to bits and are so proud of him!!! 

I hope your Thursday is going well.  Tomorrow I will show you some more pictures of the holiday and especially a day which I did not expect to get to do but did and had great fun.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Our Vacation.

  1. farmquilter

    Nothing like your holiday starting off with an emergency visit to the vet!! I hope Treacle is now cone-free!! Oh, Glamis Castle is so beautiful!!! I shared your pictures of the castle with my dad – he had visited before and immediately recognized the turrets through the trees!!! They weren’t doing tours when he was there and so you have been inside our “ancestral” home and none of us have!!! Thank you for going there for me. I hope you enjoyed your time there. Seeing it makes me want to come over for another visit…soon!!! I’m glad the family still uses all parts of the castle and it is allowed to feel like a home. Windsor and Buckingham, the public portions, are definitely not “warm and cozy”! I can’t wait to see more pictures of your vacation.

  2. Judy1522

    Looks like you had a great vacation once you made it there. That would be like a dream for me to have a house with that many turrets I love them. Happy BIrthday to Eldest!

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