The Wednesday Wag!

The heat is getting to all of us!!!  I, at least have no fur coat now as I had a Spa Day and Mom had the ladies cut me very, very short!  Not a true Airecut but who cares when it is sooooooo hot!


I am also very thankful for the tiles in our home which stay cool.


Mom it is too hot for posing for pictures!


It is even too warm to play ball!

Mom bought me a bone a while ago and Molly’s Mom gave her a tip about re-filling it.  Wash the empty bone in the dishwasher and then mix peanut butter and banana together and put it in the bone and freeze it.  So Mom had a go.


Here is it filled and waiting to be wrapped for the freezer.


And now frozen.


Mom gave me the bone on the hottest day so far and it was lovely and cool and yummy.



I took it outside in the sunshine and spent an hour getting the tasty centre out.


Mom says she will wash the bone again and re-fill it!

Woof, Treacle x

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  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Of course we already knew it – but our news last night told us how hot it is for you, Treacle, and that it’s NEVER that hot in the UK. Love your AireGirl cut! It looks beautiful and will keep you nice and cool. Yay for stuffed bones!

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