Flying Weeks!



Despite being up early every day and working for lots of those hours I am still trying to catch up.  I don’t know where the weeks are flying to!  We are away on vacation from August 3rd so am trying to catch up on work and home jobs before then.


It doesn’t help that today and the rest of this week we have high temperatures, not like some I know, but hot for us!!!!  Tonight they have forecast thunder storms but it won’t make it any cooler!!!  I have a basket of ironing to do so may get up really early when it is a little cooler to do that!!!!


The children finished for the summer last Friday and although our Boys are not now at school it still feels like it is not summer until the children finish school!  DH and I had some errands to run in Nottingham on Friday last and it was quiet so we got round quickly, I suspect it won’t be now!!!  We also got to see his two Cousins for lunch which was great, catching up on everyone’s news.  We also have a new edition in the family at the end of the year as Elaine’s daughter is expecting again, a little girl.  She is actually due on Youngest’s Birthday but of course that probably won’t happen.


As it is so warm and Youngest is going to be looking after Treacle whilst we are away, she is going for a spa day tomorrow!  I have actually managed to time it right for once as it is so warm at the moment!  She will be with you tomorrow for her Wednesday Wag.


I have had a few new Followers over the last few weeks, so I wanted to say Welcome and thanks for Following.  Also to Sue and Susan, all their lovely comments make me smile and make my day so thank you.  Welcome to Susie’s World.


I will try and get the Friday Book Club up for this week, sorry it is late but as I say it has been manic here!!!! 

I am off now to get dinner ready and I think, because of the heat, it will be salad and cold meats or possibly spaghetti bolognese!!  I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Flying Weeks!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m sorry you are sweltering!! Hot definitely means different things in different places!! It has been 98-100 the last week…hot, but a dry heat as our humidity is usually less than 25%. I know heat with humidity from spending a few summers in Florida…100 degrees and 100% humidity! At least we have central air conditioning, so the house is always comfortable. I don’t suppose you have central air in England, Susie??!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    The SuperHot temps are no fun. Our hot temps broke yesterday with tons of rain. It’s been cool today, which is a wonderful treat mid-Summer. We hope your temps break too. We just watched Rocketman on our firestick. If you love, Elton John and his music (which we do) you will love the movie!
    Not too much longer to go till your vacation, Miss Susie 🙂

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