#TBT to last weekend!!!!   This was just a fraction of what came out of the attic.  In fact every room had stuff in it!!!!  The Boys were great and helped sort it but it took soooo long.  We started on Maundy Thursday and just spent the whole of Easter working at it.  In fact Easter Sunday was spent doing this and it was so bad we had to go and sleep at the very local Travelodge as we could not get in our bedroom, Eldest’s room, the dining room or the sitting room!!!  Youngest stayed at home with Treacle as his room only had a few boxes in!!!!!  Easter dinner was eaten last night!!!!


Eldest clearing boxes (you can see how many there are and this is our bedroom).  Treacle not happy with all the upheaval!!!!


This is how it looks now, before you could not see any floor space except for a very thin line down the middle to carefully walk past, so it is definitely a good thing to do.


Guest bedding in bags and winter blankets.


The other end of the attic with the Boys’ Keepsake boxes.

This is Stage One!  Stage Two will begin in September when the nights start to draw in and I will get those Keepsake boxes down and get them into some sort of order one set for Eldest and one set for Youngest and then I will be able to get rid of some more boxes!!!!  But I won’t be doing that until then, now that the lighter nights are here and the better weather!!!


This is the skip we almost filled it and then our neighbour put in some old doors he had and some old outdoor furniture but the rest is ours!!!!!


Treacle gained Eldest’s old Camper Van cushion which they used to have in the truck when they went on holiday.  Youngest has kept his but Eldest donated his to Treacle and as you can see she is leaning her head on it!!!!!!

I am so glad we got it done and after September when Stage Two is complete we will be so organised!!!!!  The Boys had fun going through things and seeing old toys come out and be re-packed and go back of course!!!  Eldest still has his bedroom to do with things that can be put away and others donated.  We took eight boxes to the Charity Shop for our local Air Ambulance, as they get no funding except donations and they were very grateful.

This weekend DH is out all weekend at a big East Midlands Swimming event so I will be spending time quilting.  This morning I have been working but this afternoon I will be doing house jobs and tomorrow is grocery shopping.  I also have the dentist for a check up tomorrow afternoon and then in the evening DH and I are going to the cinema to see the “Avengers: End Game” film and are looking forward to that.

All over the weekend I have had a cold and virus, which I always seem to get when doing a big job like this or on holiday of course!!!!  Still feel not good but getting on with things to keep my mind off of it.  However I did lose my voice at one point and Eldest said that only Treacle could hear me!!!!!!!  Cheek!

Happy Thursday everyone, it will soon be the weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, my dear Susie, what a job you had!! If you get sick every time you tackle a job like this, I don’t think you are dealing with a virus…sounds more like an allergic reaction to something you encounter when doing these jobs…dust, mold?? Perhaps if you wear a good dust mask you can avoid getting sick. That beautiful wood in the skip makes me want to cry. Anyone who does DIY would have loved to have had it or even been willing to pay for it!! I’m so glad you had help from DH and the Boys…without them it would have been so much more difficult!!

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