The Wednesday Wag.


You would not believe what has been going off in our home this past weekend!!!  I mean really no where for a dog to lay its head, every single room has had stuff in it!!!!  It was great as both my Boys were here but they hardly had any time to play with me as Dad and they were running up and downstairs with things and Mom did not have time to play as she was sorting all these things out!!!  I mean, really!!!!


One consolation from all this was that the weather was amazing and I was able to spend all day outside in my garden playing football and having the odd bark or three at the wretched squirrel when he tried to call!!!!!

The house is now back in order and I gained a few things from the tidy up, a new softy from Youngest and an old cushion shaped like a camper van (whatever one of those is) for my basket to lean my had on from Eldest.  Yeah for tidy ups!!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Woofy Easter (I also got two new toys for my Easter present).


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