New Bed!

The other reason for trying to get everything back into the attic by Tuesday of this week was because our new bed arrived!!!!!  Yeah.  As I said in a previous post we had had our old bedframe for twenty years and so we thought it was about time to have a new one and found this amazing company in Retford, Nottinghamshire where they make all the beds on site.  Below is the one we bought.


It really looks great in our room and does not dominate it at all!  We also bought new bedside tables to match.

This is novel to us as we did not have draws in our old bedside tables.

You could get rails put along the inside at the top so you can hang curtains but we didn’t want to do that.  DH came up with this idea though:


Hanging quilts from the top rail at the headboard end to display them.  So far it is our summer quilt and I now need to get on with the dark quilt I was going to make for our bed which I have not got around to yet!!!!


At night with the bedside lights on.

Of course the first person to actually get on the bed was:


I think Treacle approves, plus the bed frame is higher than our old one so she can see more out of the windows!!!  The Ghostly fingers to the right of the picture are Youngest’s!  He was trying to get Treacle to look at the camera, not much chance of that!!!!!


We love the new bed and the new wood smell is wonderful!!!  Over the next year we will be replacing my dressing table and DH’s chest of drawers to match the new bed, although I want to keep my chair which I use at my table and am hoping that they can take it in and strip it down and re-stain it to match the new colour!!!!

Yesterday it took me twice as long to clean our home as normal because of all the dust created from the weekend but I got there in the end!!!  Treacle was completely fed up by the evening with all the dusting and the vacuum cleaner, which she hates with a passion!!!!!  Grocery shopping today and finish off the washing and ironing and then I have a completely clear weekend to quilt!!!! Yeah!!!

I hope, whatever you are up to this weekend, you have a lovely time and the weather is kind.  It is typical April here at the moment, sunny one minute and hailstones and heavy rain the next.  I really don’t like April and will be glad when May arrives.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “New Bed!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    You new bed and nightstands are beautiful and we love that you’ve hung a quilt from the upper rail and of course, Treacle approves too! Your bedroom looks so lovely, Miss Susie and we are so thrilled for you! We have rain today and we’ll be stuck in a rainy stretch for a few days to come. yuk!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Love your new bed and tables!! DH’s idea for hanging the quilt is perfect! So glad it affords Treacle a better view outside! Tara also hates the vacuum and attacks it every time it even comes out of the closet…silly girl.

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