As you know we have ordered a new bed frame.  We were working out how long we have had our current bed frame and we bought it when Eldest was four and I was expecting Youngest and he is twenty this year!!!!!  To be fair it is because we have never found one we liked before this, when you start looking around you realise how few different styles there are and I think they are made all by the same manufacturer!!!!  Anyway we found this company about twenty miles from where we live who make the beds on site from actual wood!

Anyway when the new bed arrives which will be the Tuesday after Easter Sunday we are going to have to change our room round a bit and take away a couple of things.  I am also planning on Spring Cleaning our room from top to bottom when we have taken our old bed frame away so it will be ready for when the new bed arrives. 

Before we moved to our current home I used to go through lots of home magazines and clip out pictures of various rooms that I loved and have incorporated some of the ideas into our new home.  Now, of course, there is Pinterest and I can spend hours looking at different things on there!!!!!


We will, eventually, change my dressing table which is even older than the old bed!  We had this set when we moved into our previous home which is twenty-eight years ago!!!!!!  However I have already changed things on my dressing table with my makeup.  I have gone through all of it and got rid of things I didn’t use and tidied the rest and it is now in the top drawer of my table.  On top I now have my perfume, brushes and lipsticks.


I bought two new glass jars for my cotton wool pads and Q-tips


My brushes sit in an old glass candle pot from Crabtree & Evelyn and my lipsticks in a cut glass bowl which was just sitting in my glass cabinet so I thought I would put it to use.  I love re-purposing things like this.

As you can see I use Chanel.  Having tried different products from different companies (I used Dior when younger) I have found that the Chanel products suit my skin the best. 

We are also going to replace DH’s dresser as well, hopefully by the end of the year, and it will all then match.  I will show you pictures of our room as we progress.  Here are a few pictures of what it looked like when we first moved in and decorated it.

Different #TBT today!

Our weather has now reverted to more like February temperatures today and it is raining!  Of course it is March 1st tomorrow, the start of the Spring months although it is already Spring like with the daffodils coming out already.  DH and I are out on Saturday evening at another swimming competition but the rest of the weekend is free so we can get some jobs done. 

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new bed. We got a new bed frame about 8 years ago, however our bedroom is really small so there is only room for hubby’s dresses (which matches the bed) in the room, so I get the other “bedroom” on the other side of the bathroom for my dressers. I have way too many clothes!! Three dressers, one wardrobe as well as clothing in 3 different closets. Since I have been living with my dad, I have a small part of a closet and one small dresser…I think I can weed out a lot of the clothes when I get home. Is this the last year you and DH will be involved with the swimming program? I have to chuckle at Molly’s response…I’m with Molly’s mom, if I want to sit and put on makeup, I’m sitting on the loo!!

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