The Wednesday Wag.


It has been a glorious few days and I have been able to be outside with the door open although it does get cool in the evening.  Mom is trying to get me an appointment at my Spa but they have been off for the school holiday and are all booked up, she is hoping for one next week as you can see I am getting quite woolly!


Of course being outside and all the fresh air makes me very sleepy!


Did the biscuit tin rattle then?  I am awake and very aware of what is happening!!!!

The weather is going to get cooler again at the end of the week so I hope I can keep my woolly coat for that!!!

Woof, Treacle.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag.

  1. farmquilter

    I love your wooly coat, Treacle!! What would you look like if mom didn’t get you styled? I wish I could lay in the sunshine in the garden, but it is so windy here that even being close to the ground doesn’t keep me from being pushed around. The grass is wet from rain and more snow is coming this weekend. You would love that, I’m sure!!

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