Susie’s Friday Book Club.


Clive Cussler is one of my most favourite of writers and although he does now write with someone else, he/they stay true to Mr Cussler’s original format and the books are very good.

This book is the twelfth in the “Oregon Files” series and sees the adventures of Juan Cabrillo and his partners trying to recover several stolen paintings which are being used by a Filipino Gang to fund their activities.  The gang is also on the trail of a deadly drug developed in the Second World War which enhances the person who takes it to extremes but then has a devastating effect when not continued.  Juan’s team, known as The Corporation, are traversing the Western Pacific in their very special ship, which looks like a down at heel freighter but packs a punch from its true identity hidden underneath the rust, to try to save lives, the paintings and remain hidden!

The action moves through the book without stopping and you really feel as if you are with the team trying to save the World.  If you like adventure books then this tick’s all the boxes.  As always it is on all platforms from Amazon.


Sorry for lack of posts this week!  It has been “One of Those Weeks”!  I won’t go into everything which has happened this week needless to say that I have arrived at Friday with still lots to do, the days flew by and I did get lots of things done not always what I should have been doing!!!!!  Today I am trying to catch up on Home jobs as well as work and tomorrow we have friends coming for dinner.  It will be great to sit down for a few hours of peace and quiet!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a fantastic weekend and I will be back on Monday as normal.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Susie’s Friday Book Club.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom has never read a book by Clive Cussler before. She needs to look for one in the library next time she goes. Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Susie and Treacle☺

  2. farmquilter

    Love Clive Cussler! His books always draw me in. Sorry you had such a week, but I’m sure glad to hear from you!!

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