Finally I Am Back!


Well I have finally recovered from the stomach bug last week which took all of last week!!!  It was not pretty!  I have today been catching up with my emails and work which I missed last week and have managed to catch up especially as it is the second week of March already and only two weeks before Easter as it is early this year!!! 


I tried to do a bit of sewing yesterday but did not get a lot done as I have been very tired, which is recovering from the Op, and I know that if I start anything when I am tired, I usually make mistakes, so all I got done was a bit of tidying!!!  I think if I want to do anything meaningful I need to go in there first thing in the morning!!


I have also been managing to get my cleaning, washing and ironing done which is great as I hate when it is not done and everything is disorganised!!! 


Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK and both Boys were home which was lovely.  This is also a #TBT picture, which I missed last week, to when we were all in Orlando in 2008.  Eldest was twelve and Youngest was eight and I love them to bits!!! 

Now last Friday should have been Book Club Friday but I missed it so will be doing that this Friday, just a week late!!!  I have a good book for you too!

I hope everyone is having a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Susie xx


Nurse Treacle has been helping all last week, keeping me company and cuddling!

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  1. farmquilter

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Cuddles go a long way in your healing process. I’m very glad Nurse Treacle is giving you ample cuddles!! So glad the stomach bug has missed my house…I definitely don’t need that and I’m so sorry it made a stopover with you! So nice to have you back!

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