I Don’t Want To!


I am starting all the posts this week with a Spring picture, because it certainly isn’t outside and they are forecasting snow again for the weekend here!!!!  Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!!

Anyway I bet you wonder what the title of this post means?  Well do you remember as children you were never allowed to say you didn’t want to do something? Certainly at school you had to do things whether you wanted to or not and a favourite saying of my Grandmother’s was “there is no such word as Can’t” (yes I know there is but she always used to say cannot!!!).  Why I am talking about this is because the new block for the “It’s a Wild Life” Block of the Month has been released and oh boy it is something I always run away from; it’s applique!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marchs Its a Wild Life BOM

Here is the block from Amy’s blog, Sew Incredibly Crazy, and it was designed by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks!!  As you can see it is pieced and appliqued.   Now every time I have tried applique it never looks quite right but I have decided that I am not going to run away from this and have a go at doing it!!!  However I think I am going to cut out two lots of all of it just in case the first one does not go together well!!!  I love the block though, it is really cute hopefully I will do it justice.

Easter Bag

I am planning to make a few things for Easter which is coming up fast, especially as it is so early this year, so I will get to show you those soon. I found the above recipe on Moda Bake Shop and will be just right for some of the things I am thinking of as gifts!


I am still slowly working my way through the bindings I am sewing down on my UFO’s but am not in a rush to get those finished and my final project at the moment is to sort out the backing for my summer quilt so that I can get that sandwiched and quilted. 


I have also received the material for our friends table runner for their 40th Wedding Anniversary celebrations so need to get on and sort out the blocks for that.  I can see I will be writing a list so that I can keep all this straight!!!

I have a basket of ironing to get done tonight so no quilting today but hopefully tomorrow if I can get through my work quickly I will be able to get some things done then.

I hope you are all having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Treacle has been helping all day in the Den, by sleeping!!!

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To!

  1. farmquilter

    Yeah, I saw the applique too…but I’m going to try it using fusible to attach it to the fabric and then use my blanket stitch on my sewing machine to lock it down. It will be raw-edge but that works for me. Yay you!!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Mom always said that she couldn’t do applique either and then she joined the Airedale Quilting Bee and all they did was applique so she had to learn. It’s not that difficult and practice really does make perfect.

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