Sorry For The Break!


So despite being two weeks into recovery after my Op I managed to get a stomach bug!!!  So Monday I was sick and DH was not only having to cope with me on crutches he was having to cope with my being ill as well.  He is a Saint. It is going round from what I hear but what makes me laugh is, I haven’t been out anywhere!!!!

I spent all day in bed yesterday just drinking water and nothing else and have today got up and although I was not supposed to I had a bath!!!  For the first six weeks after a hip Op you are not supposed to go beyond 90° in case you dislocate it.  Our bath is a corner bath which is quite deep and high sides so technically I can’t climb in but before my Op I had perfected a way of getting in and out wihout climbing, so did that today and got in without any problems and had a long, hot bath and felt so much more like me when I got out!!!  I am now adding food very carefully to make sure I don’t relapse as it is the worse thing to me being sick!!!!


Cuddle monkey has been keeping me company on the bed and I have been watching films and falling asleep usually half way through but I have seen then all before!  Anyway I have not been doing anything else so this post is really boring!!!  I didn’t even get into my sewing room at the weekend because of one thing and another so hopefully I will be able to get in there this weekend!! 


It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on Sunday and last year My Boys, Girlfriend & DH took me for breakfast on the Saturday morning at our local Farm Shop which was a wonderful idea and I loved more than flowers etc.  I don’t think I will be doing that this year because of my hip but hey ho.

All our snow has gone and it has warmed up a little but is still cold at night and for some parts of the UK they have forecast more snow!!  Which is getting a little silly now on March 7th!  We should have Spring flowers blooming and birds nesting but we all seem to be in Winter mode and still hibernating!

I hope everyone is fairing better and having a Wonderful Wednesday! Treacle will be back next week with her Wednesday Wag, she has not been doing a lot either!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Sorry For The Break!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m so sorry you got some nasty bug brought to you!!! Those are miserable. Your bath sounds lovely and you do feel more human after that, especially when you are sick! I’ve missed hearing from you but just figured you were busy healing from your surgery.

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Oh no! Just what you didn’t need, Miss Susie! We have snowing coming down right now – the wet heavy kind. YUK! Your primroses are so beautiful and cheerful!

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