It’s Friday!


Not only is it Friday but it is also the last Friday before Christmas and 3 days left to Christmas.  DH has finally finished work although there are still some Scrooges out there sending emails and working to the bitter end and will no doubt be back at work on the 27th but I refuse to let these people take away my Christmas spirit (and no not the alcoholic kind either!)

I have been naughty and opened a present which I probably should have saved for Christmas but couldn’t wait as it has come from our friends in the US!  Susan has sent us some lovely Christmas gifts and I can show you a few here.


As you can see she sent me some wonderful presents.


Treacle got some tennis balls that belonged to Susan’s family when they played tennis, how wonderful is that.  Also DH got a spill proof travel mug as he is always out and about.


She also sent me these lovely quilted snowflake Christmas mats which I will use all year, not just for Christmas.

I have sent her an email to thank her for all our lovely Christmas gifts, we are so lucky.

Visitors take photos amongst the prehistoric stones of the Stonehenge monument at dawn on Winter Solstice, near Amesbury

(Toby Melville / Reuters)

In all the talk about Christmas I completely missed the fact that yesterday was the Shortest Day or Winter Solstice.  The above picture was taken at Stonehenge in Salisbury at Dawn by Toby Melville of Reuters News.  Lots of people gather to welcome the Dawn on this day and June 21st, the Longest Day.  I must admit I did not notice how short the day was yesterday as here in the UK it was very dull and grey so the lights were on all day at home. 

I have collected my deli order today and the rest of the shopping arrived at 10.00am so tomorrow I just have to collect our meat order and then that will be it, I will not be shopping for over a week for food or anything else.  Of course there are some mad people who are Scrooges in a way that will be out at the shops on Boxing Day (December 26th) for the sales!  When we were little the shops closed on Christmas Eve at lunch and did not open until at least December 29th now they are only closed for one day and it really makes me sad.  If the stores didn’t open then people could not go but people go because the stores are open so a catch 22, but I think it really is awful that people cannot spend more than one day with their families without going out and shopping!  Sorry Christmas rant over!!!


DH and Youngest were out at swimming last night so Treacle and I had an early night!  As you can see she was in snuggle mode!!  The head turned and ear’s listening was because they were just coming in the door.


Here is Treacle with one of her new tennis balls from Susan.

Today I have a few house jobs left to do that I need help from DH and the last bits of washing and ironing and then it is all done and ready for a visit from Santa Claus and Christmas to arrive.  Tomorrow evening we are at the wedding of DH’s Cousin’s son and the weather is supposed to be mild and overcast but not raining.  I will get some pictures to show you.  Christmas Eve I am not doing anything!  Well may be read my book or watch a film or generally be lazy!! I will just set the table for Christmas Day.

I hope all your plans are going well for Christmas.

Christmas Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    So glad you like what I sent. I can’t wait to see what you do with the fabrics! Let me know if DH likes his new cup…if not, it will keep your tea hot for your marathon quilting sessions! You have your Christmas celebration well in hand. I hope your Christmas is wonderful and you have a great time at the wedding!!

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