Thursday Thoughts.


Good Morning everyone and I hope that you are all enjoying these last few days in the run up to December 25th and you are not too frantic.  The news in the UK are trying to whip everyone up into a frenzy of “the last days to shop” and “chaos on the roads” and all phrases like that which I think just make people worse than they already are and instead of being nice and pleasant and even happy they become more awful!  At the supermarket I said to the cashier “thank you and Merry Christmas” and he had an astonished look on his face, I suspect everyone else who had gone through his check-out had been miserable but the only people you make miserable by doing this is yourself.

Last night DH was out at one of the company’s we work for their Christmas dinner and Youngest was out coaching at the swimming club so I took the chance to get the chocolate log made and the Christmas cake iced. 


Here is the log with a dusting of “snow” and put well out of the way of madam!


Who me?  I would never eat anything that wasn’t mine, I never counter surf!

Yes well I am sorry Treacle we don’t believe you and a few years ago the chocolate log crumbs that were left on the cake board were proof you ate it!


Here is the Christmas Cake and I told you it would look no different to previous years lol!  The snowman and Santa Claus I bought when DH and I were first together, so they are 31 years old!!!!  Now the challenge will be to stop DH and the Boys from trying to eat this until after Christmas Eve!


As you can see Treacle has retired to her bed in a snit and decided to have forty winks before her lunchtime biscuit!

Tonight DH and Youngest will be at the swimming club, again, which is our main swimming night and Youngest is coaching for three hours as one of our other Coaches is out at a work event.  I have house jobs to do today with strict instructions from both Boys NOT to go out as they are awaiting parcels which they hope will be delivered today.  Our neighbour from across the road has also asked if I am in all day as he would like me to take delivery of a parcel too!  So not only do I run a Chinese laundry and a bakery I am now the local post office!  If only I got paid for doing all this.

Happy Thursday everyone and just think this time next week it will all be over for another year!!!! (I don’t mean it really I love Christmas and am sad when it is over oh and by the way I hate New Year!)

Christmas Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    We woke up to an inch or so of snow yesterday, after hurricane-force winds (over 85 MPH) the night before…still some snow on the ground, so that makes it look more like your Christmas cake! Your cakes are so beautiful…I would have a hard time waiting to eat them too! I am re-learning how to put a 5 month old to sleep and remembering the exhaustion that goes along with a baby! Since we are celebrating Christmas on New Year’s Eve, I’m looking forward to it!! Merry Christmas, Susie…and I wish the baby slept as well as Treacle!!!

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