Two Days Left!


Mom when is Santa Paws coming?  Soon Treacle in fact he will be visiting all good Doggies in Two Days Time!!!!! 

Yes only two days to go and I was at the farm shop this morning at 7.45am to get our meat order and a few other bits.  I was back home by 8.30am having got it all done and paid for and driven home.  Which means that I have now done all the food shopping and if there is something they want and I don’t have, well they will have to wait until I go shopping again at the end of next week. There have been various reports on the radio of traffic jams at the supermarkets and shopping centres and long queues on the motorways as people are getting to where they need to be for Christmas.  I am really happy that tomorrow we can close the front door and don’t have to travel anywhere.

148203-Christmas-Saturday-SnoopyToday I am getting the last house jobs finished, Treacle has had a good brush (!), the last little bits of washing and ironing to be done and all will be ready.  Tonight we are at the wedding and tomorrow Eldest and Girlfriend are coming for lunch and then DH and Youngest are out in the evening as DH is compering “Carols Round The Tree” in Belper market place.  It is organised by the churches in the area and we think they do this on Christmas Eve to stop people going to the pubs and drinking!!!


In between all this tomorrow, I am hoping to get into my sewing room (Eldest’s Room) for a while and get some more work done on Evalyn’s quilt.  After finishing the Christmas presents I had a quick tidy up, putting cotton away that I had been using.  After Evalyn’s quilt, I am going to be working on a few small UFO’s I have and then I am going to get into my scrap box and sort them out. 

It is a Clip box and full of scraps, so  having seen lots of scrap quilts over this year that people have done I feel that that should be my next quilt to plan.  Susan sent me some wonderful fabric, which I will take a better picture of, for a quilt backing and I am going to use that for the back of this scrap quilt.  She was very kind to send it me as she knows how expensive quilting fabric is in the UK, which is why I tend to buy quite a bit of fabric when it is on sale or at shows as they tend to be a little less expensive there.


We will be watching on Christmas Day evening the “Victoria” Christmas special as Youngest is hopefully in it.  They filmed it in July of course with fake snow and for this part he is a Grounds Keeper pulling a cart full of Christmas trees as Queen Victoria goes past in her carriage so we are hoping to see him.  The second series has been released on DVD so we have bought that for us to watch over Christmas too.

DH and the Boys want me to do some more baking which I will do but not until after Christmas now.  I love to bake but only when I have plenty of time and don’t like to be rushed so I will be doing that next week.  We are also planning on taking Treacle out for a long walk after Christmas too.  It doesn’t look like we will be getting a white Christmas as it has turned milder over the last  few days but it is getting colder again towards the end of the week but definitely no snow 🙁

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Winter Saturday and the last preparations for Christmas go well.

Christmas Hugs,

Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Two Days Left!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Not too much longer to go now, Treacle! We have freezing rain and icy steps today. Mom has been draping towels over our steps so I can get down to the grass to do peepees safely. We hope you get your quilting time, Miss Susie!

  2. farmquilter

    I’ll be baking with you next week since we are celebrating next Sunday when all the kids are here!! Merry Christmas!!!

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