The Wednesday Wag!

I have been very busy helping Mom today!


Dad left realllllly early this morning so I kept Mom company whilst she was still in bed, although she said I was snoring again!  I don’t know how she dare, I don’t snore!


It was very cold and bright this morning so I did get to spend sometime outside and I was very good as I brought Mom the post this morning too.


So can I have my lunchtime biscuit now please?


I have been so busy today and then Mom snuck into the sewing room for a few hours so I took advantage of that and had a quick snooze on the bed.  I, by the way, did not snore!!!!

I am also going to be very busy tomorrow as it is my Spa Day!!!  Mom is also planning on getting all my beds, blankets and quilt washed so we are all clean together and ready for Santa!

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.



3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    How often do you get to go to the spa? I have never been…my mom says I am having a spa day when she gives me a bath in the kitchen sink!! I hate that warm water and rain, but I love to bite at the sprinklers when they are turning on – someone needs to remind them who is boss! Rest up for your spa day!!! Tara

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