Almost Youngest’s 18th!

I know it seems odd but we had Youngest’s party on Saturday, because we could not find a venue on his actual Birthday, as all the Christmas parties start!!!  However I managed to badger a very good friend of ours, who actually ran our wedding day (29 years ago now) into sorting out a room at her new venue!!!  We were getting desperate for somewhere to host it and it almost came down to putting a marque over the whole of our garden and gettng patio heaters in, Youngest was not impressed!!!  Also it was the same venue where we held Eldest’s 18th Party. The Boys were given an option of celebrating either their 18th or 21st and both choose their 18th. 

Anyway the evening went off very well, although we did have a few people who could not attend because of other committments, including some Christmas ones!!!!!  Here are a few pictures (Warning: very picture heavy post!!)


The room which of course was all decked out for Christmas.


DH had done a photo montage with music of pictures of Youngest from a baby to today, I mean if you can’t embarrass your son on his Birthday when can you?  Of course as he is the second one there were alot of Eldest in it as well.  You must always take the opportunity to embarrass the Eldest one as well!!!!!


Youngest’s cake made by our great friend Christine.  You can see there was an acting theme!


Youngest with his cake.



Youngest’s Guests


Youngest cutting his cake (it wasn’t that hard to cut!)

After Youngest had cut his cake we brought out Alan’s cake, whose Birthday it was and then brought out Charles’ cake, whose Birthday is this Thursday.  They didn’t know about it and were completely surprised.


Alan with his cake.

It was a lovely evening but I can honestly say by the end of it DH and I were tired!!!! 

Round Two of celebrating his 18th is this Saturday when we are going out for pizza and decorating the house for Christmas and of course opening his gifts.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Amazing party!!! Awesome cake…now, can you reproduce it into a quilt??? Lucky for you they both chose their 18th…can you imagine Eldest celebrating his 21st and Youngest celebrating his 18th at nearly the same time?? Head first into the holiday season with you now!

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