Oh Boy Busy!


Today is St. Andrew’s Day, Patron Saint of Scotland, and celebrated in our home as my father and his family were Scottish.

We have had a busy few days, as always, and today was even more so as Treacle had to be at the Spa for 9.15am!  I am currently taking some strong medicine which makes me very sleepy by about 7.00pm and also makes me sleepy by 7.00am as well!  I got up with DH which was 5.00am and had breakfast, put one load through the washer and got some work done by 7.00am.  Treacle and I were on the road by 8.15am making our way through the rush hour traffic.  She was the first to arrive and I left her for three and a half hours so they could weave their magic.


Profile Picture 1.


Profile Picture 2.

Here she is all clean and smelling soooo much better than she did! She does not have her collar on at the moment because it is currently in the washing machine, along with her two beds, quilt and Teddy! 

IMG_0895Can I have my lunchtime biscuit please, as I have been extremely good this morning?


Of course after a very busy morning she needs a sleep and the inners of her beds were washed and dried so they are in her basket by my desk whilst her outers and other things are still washing. I covered her up and she was very happy, especially as they were still warm from the dryer.

You will no doubt have seen and heard about the new Royal Engagement (unless you have been on a desert island with no WiFi this past week!)


Well their first official visit as a newly engaged couple is to our home town of Nottingham, tomorrow!!!!! This may sound great except for Youngest has to be in Nottingham city centre, its where his college is, by 9.00am and the visit is due around mid-morning, DH has to be at one of the company’s offices we work with on the outskirts of Nottingham tomorrow and Girlfriend has to be a Uni, again on the outskirts of Nottingham!  Youngest will be the most affected as his college is not far from where they are visiting, so he is planning on leaving at 6.00am to get into the City and parked well before any roads are shut!!!!!  I suspect that you will not be able to get in or out of Nottingham tomorrow at all. 

Youngest won’t have a problem in the evening as he is going out with his college friends for dinner to celebrate his 18th.

I am still lugging around Advent Calendars for the younger swimmers and am slowly getting rid of them but suspect I will still have a few left after tonight’s session!  DH is compering the Christmas light switch on in Long Eaton tonight and Ilkeston tomorrow night so I will be on my own, hey ho.

I am getting my quilting things finished slowly but surely, I just can’t show you them yet! 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x


St. Andrew


PS  They are forecasting some of this over the weekend, we shall wait and see if any falls here!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Oh Boy Busy!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    You look FABULOUS, Treacle! I love the picture of you in bed with the covers pulled up to your chin☺ It sound like tomorrow, Nottingham is going to be a bit of a challenge trying to get around.

  2. farmquilter

    Wow, Treacle, you look marvelous!!! Tara wants to join you under the warm-from-the-dryer blanket!!! So, do your plans for tomorrow include a visit to see the Prince and his intended? Or will you be the smart one and avoid all the craziness by staying home?

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