Friday, finally!


I am so glad it is Friday, it has definitely been one of those weeks where the Universe had something against me and yet I have done nothing to the Universe!!!

Having looked at the calendar we now have no Fridays or Saturdays available!  This may sound great except I know it will just be manic from now until Christmas Day but I am going to try and pace myself so by the time Christmas Day arrives I don’t feel like a horse put away wet!!!!


Its swimming this weekend again and getting all those final jobs finished before “manic” begins!  I have booked Treacle in for her spa day on November 30th, next week we have the Christmas light switch on in the Village and the following week the light switch on in Long Eaton and Ilkeston and DH is compere for them all, two events for Youngest’s 18th, Advent Carol service at Church, swimming events again, a Christmas visit to Chatsworth House, Presentation Night for the swimming club, dinner with friends and visits to family and then DH’s cousin’s son’s wedding on December 23rd! Hmm, maybe I could clone myself for this period.  At least I will have lots of pictures to show you!  I do love all the activities, especially seeing family and friends at Christmas but sometimes it would be nice to have a steady run up to Christmas. 

It has been cold over the last few days, although it is going to get a little milder again later next week.  Snow has fallen in The Highlands where we go on holiday and it looks very pretty, I would love to have some snow here as long as it is over Christmas when we don’t have to go out and about. 

I have just finished cleaning out the fridge and microwave and now need to finish cleaning the house.  I have a huge basket of ironing which I am going to get done tomorrow evening whilst DH is out at swimming. Hopefully Sunday I will be able to get some more quilting done and some jobs finished.  Of course before we know it, it will be Monday again!  Such is life.

How are your plans for Christmas going?  Have a wonderful weekend

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle and her Santa hat from last year!


Nottingham Council House last year, the lights switch on is tonight but unfortunately we cannot go.

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