Having been talking about Christmas this week and all the Christmas adverts on TV and the shops playing Christmas music, we had to have a Christmas Throw Back Thursday!


Youngest with Santa on the Steam Train from 2008 aged nine


The two of them with Santa. 

Yesterday DH and I managed to get all the Christmas presents sorted, yeah.  Just now need to get them wrapped and they will all be ready for delivery and visits.  Still keeping on top of my work which is then allowing me to get other jobs done.  Treacle is very busy keeping her basket warm!

As always with us we have Auntie Margaret’s Memorial Service on Monday and have now been informed it is Parents’ Evening for Youngest at college!!!  Fortunately we have managed to make a late appointment so will be able to go.  Sometimes I wish the Universe would be kind to me instead of always challenging me!

We are getting into gear for Youngest’s 18th Birthday party on Saturday November 25th and then his actual Birthday the following week.  Oh boy this has come round fast and of course Christmas is now coming up fast with only 39 days left until the Big Day.

Excuse me while I just go off and scream for a while.  Despite planners and lists it can still feel overwhelming.

I hope your Thursday is thrilling, how are your Christmas plans going?

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    I have already sent some gifts to my daughter/granddaughters in Texas, got lots of other gifts purchased and wrapped. I am praying that all three of my girls and my three grandbabies will be able to be here for a late Christmas celebration. Haven’t cooked anything in advance of the holiday yet, but I may need to make some cookies! It will be rather quiet here on the actual day of Christmas!

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