Although there has not been much of this over the last few days!! 

Monday we were at Auntie Margaret’s Service of Thanksgiving in the village that DH grew up in.  The family did this when Uncle David passed preferring to have a private service beforehand and then a Thanksgiving Service for everyone else and I can honestly say it really is a better way than a more traditional funeral.  The Church was full and DH and I got there realtively early before it started but the biggest surprise was the two ladies in front of us who arrived just before the service started with a dog!  She turned out to be owned by one of Auntie Margaret’s sons and she would have loved the fact that the dog attended her service!!!! 

We went afterwards to the reception and saw quite a few people who knew DH when he was a little boy which is always funny as they tell me all about the naughty things he got up to when he was little.


Talking about Christmas, well I am now :), we got this done over the weekend and


We got all the cards done too.  They now have stamps on them and are just waiting to be posted. 

Saturday is Youngest’s 18th party and it will be lovely to see everyone, although I have a million things to do before now and then (well perhaps a million is a little bit of an exaggeration but it seems like it)  Friday night we have the Christmas Lights switch on in the village and it is getting colder again just in time for us all to be stood around outside. 

Sunday we have los of jobs around the house and garden to get done because the following week, when it is actually Youngest’s Birthday, he wants to get the Christmas tree and decorate it and the house.

We should have been at Youngest’s parents evening on Monday but it was cancelled due to the Tutor being ill and we are now waiting for it to be re-arranged, but I can bet that it will be on a night when we have twelve other things to do.

I am at the swimming lessons all this week and next to give out the gifts for the small pool swimmers instead of their party 🙁   I have been getting up an hour earlier than normal to try and get things done but that’s taking its toll.  Treacle is also sulking as she is missing out on her snuggle time.  Usually DH brings me a cup of tea before he leaves for work at about six and so she snuggles until I get up at seven but I have been getting up with DH at five so she is miffed.

IMG_0613This is her “ignorning me” face as I have not been able to snuggle with her!  Normally Wednesday would have been The Wednesday Wag but she is in a snit!  It hasn’t helped that Daddy was not filled up her Bonio box and so she only had a handful of small biscuits at lunch which she really does not feel is correct!!!

Tomorrow will be house jobs day as Friday and of course Saturday will be hectic from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.  At least this time we have no body staying over with us, unlike Eldest’s 18th when every bed, sofa and floor was taken up with bodies.  The morning after I seemed to be cooking breakfast for hours! 

I hope you are all having a Wonderful Wednesday!

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    You certainly made progress with all the Christmas gifts!! I still can’t figure out what to get hubby for Christmas! So frustrating not to be able to come up with a single thing! The services for Auntie Margaret sound lovely and the dog was the perfect addition! For my services, I want all my quilts to be hung around the church and dogs would be welcome too!!

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