Halloween is here and we are ready!  I have had the sweets for a couple of weeks now and have managed to keep the Boys off them ready for tonight!!!  I even caught Treacle having a look at them the other day!


Had to give you a #TBT (Throwback Tuesday!) picture of the Boys ready for Trick a Treating dressed as a demon ghost (!) and Darth Vadar!!!  Usually they went as Wizzards or ghosts but this particular year they decided they wanted to sort their own costumes out and this is what they came up with!  I went along with it!

It has been really hectic with work yesterday and today so I have not got anything else done but am on a mission tomorrow to get everything tidied up!  I am starting to run out of weekends to get things done so need to make the most of any time available.  I am also getting my lists done as well.

With AMC 020905

We had some sad news at the weekend too.  DH’s Auntie Margaret, seen here with Youngest in 2005, passed away on Saturday at the grand age of 87.  She had not been ill but had had some troubles and went into hospital but within days passed away.  She had been at home up until then helped out by her sons, James and Richard and James wife, Diane.  James and Richard are lifelong friends of DH and Auntie Margaret and DH’s Mom were best friends.  Her passing means that she is the last of the older family in Nottingham, although we are lucky to have DH’s cousins from both sides of the family still around. 

The weather here has definitely turned colder so our heating is now on and last night Treacle went out last thing and this was the moon.

IMG_0787Very spooky and quite appropriate for Halloween!

Youngest is teaching at the swimming club tonight and DH should be home not too late, otherwise it is Treacle and I handing out the sweets!  I hope everyone has a lovely and safe Halloween!

Boo, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    I am so sorry to hear of Auntie Margaret’s passing…always hard no matter their age!! I’m so glad she was able to stay in her home almost to the end – they do love their independence! The boys look so cute all ready to go out for treats. Your shot of the moon is spooktacular!! Happy Halloween (as I sit here enjoying the sunny 60 degree weather we are enjoying at 1:40 PM!!

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