The Wednesday Wag!


This was my contribution to Halloween last night!  It was a busy old night with Trick or Treaters but I was tucked up in my basket in the sitting room whilst the door was being opened every five minutes.  At least there were no ghosts around.


It has been quite nice outside today so Mom allowed me to stay out for a bit and I found a stick to play with! 


The sun came out at one point although it was not warm.

Sunday is Bonfire Night and there will be lots and lots of fireworks although I am not bothered by them, I just bark at the very noisy ones.  Mom and Dad are going to be in by the time they are going off so I will be okay.

Happy Woofy November 1st.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    You are so lucky you didn’t have to defend your home against ghosts!! I had to bark and protect mom every time the doorbell rang so mom was lucky it only rang twice with a total of 6 trick-or-treaters. And mom bought enough candy for 150 kids so my papa is happy he’ll have candy for the next year! Mom was mean and put me on top of the organ when she opened the door to hand out candy so I wasn’t able to get the ghosts that came to my house. She just doesn’t understand that I am the defender of our castle! Tara

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