Halloween and October End!


Well Halloween is almost here and so is the end of October and I cannot believe that there are only two months left of 2017!   The weekend flew by in a whirl of events and parties! (Warning Picture Heavy Post!)

Friday during the day I managed to get my house jobs done and some work too and Friday evening we went to a good friends, their Grandson’s 18th Birthday celebrations.  They have the farm across the valley from our home and they had a huge bonfire, fireworks and food.  It was a lovely evening although it started to get very cold, especially sitting on the hay bales!


The Bonfire

A selection of the fireworks

Saturday we managed to get some other jobs done and in the evening DH was out providing commentary and assistance to a local village who run their own Talent Contest each year.  Youngest was out too, so I had the enviable job of a basket full of ironing!!!


Sunday was this one’s Birthday and it had a “0” in so he was ignoring that fact, he didn’t mind the Birthday just not the number!!!!  Anyway we, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and I took him out for Sunday Lunch!


This is Callow Hall near Ashbourne and I can vouch that they do an excellent Sunday lunch! 


We had drinks in the sitting room before lunch and had coffee here afterwards and it was a lovely day, very relaxing.  The above is the view from the front of the hall from the sitting room.  The weather was lovely and sunny although it dropped very cold in the evening. 


We got home at 5.00pm having left the house at 12.00pm and DH had a wonderful day.  He is also going out next Sunday too for another Lunch which Eldest and Girlfriend had bought him for his birthday. 


Saturday night we gained an hour back, although I usually think it is great this year I don’t seem to have felt the benefit!  I am going through another period of waking every night at about 3.00am or 4.00am so am constantly tired by the end of the day, which is silly when you think about it as you would think I would then sleep through but it does not!  Hey ho.


Finally, Treacle last night when I was getting ready for bed!  This was “you’ve been out all day and so I am not letting you into bed”!!!!  As you can see she is stretched almost the width of the bed!!  Needless to say I did move her, with some shoving and pushing so I could get in.  When DH came to bed she just moved!!!  Always the same, wheneve Daddy speaks !!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Halloween and October End!

  1. farmquilter

    You had a very busy weekend! Happy Birthday to DH!! I went to a haunted house with a couple of young girls (my daughters’ ages) and then to dinner on Saturday night – it was fun! Weather is warm here (80 yesterday!) but we are getting a storm coming the end of the week. We get to fall back on Saturday night, so I’m hoping for an extra hour of sleep!! It is so difficult when you can’t go back to sleep when you wake up so early!! My DH has that same problem. I’m the one who can’t go to sleep in the first place some nights!! Ugh, sleep problems as we age just simply aren’t on!!

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