Monday, again?!!!!


Oh goodness me it is Monday again!!  Things, of course, did not go quite as planned over the weekend but the furniture is in Youngest’s room but not all the rest of his stuff yet!!!  Time just rushes by and even though you work your little socks off you still don’t finish.

Other jobs didn’t get done either so that is a bit of a bummer but hopefully next weekend we will get it all completed.  I did get some quilting done, especially Evalyn’s quilt and just now need to sew the rows together and I can then get it pinned and quilted so that is moving forward. 


We have some Big Birthdays coming up in the next few months, a 21st, a 60th, a 50th and an 18th!  Expensive or what!!!


Treacle today!  Not much of a difference to most days!! 


I did do a few other jobs over the weekend, one of which was booking tickets to go to Chatsworth House at Christmas.  We don’t go every year and we haven’t been for a while now so I thought we would go this year.  They decorate the house inside each year with a theme and this year it is Dickens.  The above picture is the walk up to the front doors with snow and Christmas lights, love it.

Tomorrow I have lots of work to get done and hopefully a few house jobs as I have to be out all day Thursday for business things and before we know it it will be Friday again.

Happy Monday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

5ee0e8e7b629ddd064a23a8a5d846c37 This is how I feel today!!!!

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