Autumn Weekend


It is definitely feeling like Autumn here in Derbyshire.  It is cold and last night someone had a bonfire and the woody leaf smell was just so Autumn.  Even Treacle is feeling it as she is curled up in her basket in a tight ball instead of lounging like she usually does!!!!


Just to prove that I am not entirely thinking of only Christams I bought this new mug this week.  It is by Emma Bridgewater and I love her things.  It is just right for a drink as it is half a pint and it keeps the tea warm.  I love it.


This is the back of it and inside you can see it has pumpkins all the way round.  I have quite of few of her mugs now, especially the Christmas ones! Tee Hee

You will be pleased to know that Youngest’s furniture has arrived so we will be busy sorting out his room and getting everything transferred over and put back!  I will take pictures when it is all done and show you them hopefully on Monday.

Yesterday and today have been busy with work and house jobs and I was trying to sort everything out and get tidy so I can concentrate on the weekend and have just managed to do it at 5.40pm!!  What a rush!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Autumn weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Autumn Weekend

  1. farmquilter

    Love the mug!! I have never seen anything like it! We had our first snow of the season on Wednesday night (still summer!) up in the mountains and last night there was more snow with chain requirements in the mountains! I want summer back – it went from temps in the 90s to temps in the 50s (with lows close to freezing). Right now (3:00 PM) it is 50 – I want to curl up with Treacle!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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