Oh Goodness!


It’s only Tuesday and I feel it should be at least Thursday!!!  I have been at my desk all day today, Treacle has been snoring in her basket, and have just managed to catch up on all my work!!!  I always say I am not going to get behind then work and life take over and before I know it, it’s gone mad, mad, mad!!!! Which then leaves me feeling I do not know which way to turn.  Do you get days like that?


Also because we have been so busy in the house this is what I will be doing this evening, after getting dinner!!!  To say it is breeding in the utility room is an understatement!!!! 

I also have a nagging feeling that I am forgeting things!!!  I must start writing my lists again, I am sure I am supposed to be doing things but I have not remembered them!!!  I think this week is going to turn into One of Those Weeks!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going better than mine!!!!

Hugs, Susie x



2 thoughts on “Oh Goodness!

  1. farmquilter

    You poor dear!! Lists are essential…especially if you keep to a single list that you keep in a place where you can find it!! My dad writes so many lists and seems to misplace them frequently! I sometimes write lists that include things I have already done just so I can have the pleasure of crossing it off.

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