Monday came round fast this week!!!


I would also like to say Hello and Welcome to my new Followers!

Well normal service resumes after the vacation with DH away for two days on business and Youngest still on holiday from college.  They go back next week but he has still not heard what days!!!!!  Hopefully he will know by next Monday!

They keep telling us that we are going to have an Indian Summer but so far it is damp and humid and cold at night!!!  I don’t know why I believe the weather men!


Treacle is in that in between stage of loving being outside but very tired!!  I think she is getting ready for her hibernation phase!!! 

The entire house smells of paint at the moment while Youngest’s room is drying and all his stuff is still everywhere!!  I will need to clean the house from top to bottom again when we have him back in his own room.  What I want to know is what with all the warehousing there is now that the furniture we have ordered for his room, which is standard, will not be delivered until middle of September?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am meeting Jayne for lunch on Thursday before she goes back to work after the summer.  Her daughter, Emily, is starting Uni on the following Monday, how exciting.  Youngest and Emily have been friends since playschool and before that when their Brothers were best friends from Reception Class!

I have managed to catch up on my work today and tomorrow I have the accounts to do then I will be back on track, which is a relief.  Next weekend we are hoping that the weather stays fine and we can get into the garden and get things tidy and start on the final projects before the weather gets too bad!  Well its a plan.


The new season of Victoria has begun on ITV in the UK and Youngest was in the first episode!!!!  Victoria Sept 2017

He is sitting at the table on the right hand side as you look at it.  He is playing a Clerk to Parliament and it is 54 minutes into the first Episode!!!!!

I hope you are all having a Great Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Welcome back to “real” life!! After such a wonderful holiday to Scotland, it must be difficult to get back in the swing of things…even after a week!! Heck, last week you spent your time doing tons of laundry and painting Youngest’s room! Good thing Eldest’s room is available for Youngest to use until his room is put back together. Now you just need to wiggle some quilting into your schedule. Today was lovely here – it was Labor Day (holiday) and Craftsy had a free day to watch any of the classes you wanted for free, so instead of being out in the 100 degree heat I spent the day over-loading on quilting and piecing classes. My brain is mush so I’m off to bed!

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